The Darroch Legacy

A Sims 3 Legacy blog


Our Dorito dust covered founder.
Name: Laura 
Traits: Artistic, bookworm, clumsy, family orientated, loves the outdoors.
LTW: Illustrious author.
Download without CC:

Laura’s cucumber obsessed husband, Connor.
Traits: Artistic, computer whiz, excitable, family orientated, friendly.
LTW: Become creature-robot crossbreeder
Download without CC:

The socially awkward heir, Lily Eve.
Traits: Angler, brave, loner, neurotic, perceptive.
LTW: Private aquarium.
Download her here:

Lily’s younger brother, Archer.
Traits: Slob, athletic, friendly, loves the outdoors, hopeless romantic.
LTW: Superstar athlete.
Download him here:

Lily’s husband and Imaginary Friend, Patterns.
Traits: Coward, great kisser, loves the outdoors, proper, workaholic.
LTW: CEO of mega-corporation.
Download him here:


Albert. Destroyer of worlds. Killer of babies. Stuff of nightmares. Download him at your own risk.’Reilly-Darr1.sim


Dorian, Son of Lily and Patterns. He’s also the most fabulous heir ever.


Noelle. Dorian’s older sister and wizardly rebel.


Fritz, Dorian’s big brother. His hobbies include cooking and trying to kill Dorian.

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