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I pushed a human out of my vagina and it was really painful


Legacy still definitely on hiatus at least until I get settled into a routine and baby Robin starts sleeping more. Sorry guys, I know it has been forever. 

Anyway! I gave birth to Robin Sagan Darroch-Lassey on August 29th at 6:34pm. I’ll post my birth story when I get a chance, but for now here are a few photos of my little bundle of pure AWESOME who was totally worth the annihilation of my poor, poor lady parts.


Connor and Robin.


Emotional 80’s power punch dancing!


My favourite outfit for him. ❤


2 minutes old.


Robin and I.


❤ :’)




I love this photo. Connor is completely in love and it shows.


hiolfjokffffff ❤



Author: janeeyreforce

9 thoughts on “I pushed a human out of my vagina and it was really painful

  1. Robin is so beautiful, and it’s adorable (and obvious) that you and Connor are absolutely smitten with him. Congrats to all 3 of you!

  2. You done good, HE IS WAY TOO FLIPPING ADORABLE. More so than any newborn has a right to be. I mean, it was inevitable and all, but I still melted all over my computer desk when I saw the first pictures. So many congratulations to you and Connor! And as much as The Sims pales in comparison to gorgeous days-old life, we’ll all be waiting patiently until you do return. 🙂

    P.S. You mean you didn’t just sparkle and spin? XD

  3. OMG! He’s adorable! Too bad giving birth wasn’t as easy as in the sims. Way better to spin and sparkle then to destroy our lady bits. Trust me, I know. LOL. Congrats to you and your hubby! 🙂 🙂

  4. AWW! Look how crafty you are, makin’ people and stuff! That’s one mighty fine looking newborn! Usually they’re all wrinkly and smooshed… and Sam! LMAO – “you mean you didn’t just sparkle and spin?” ha ha ha ha!

    I’ll be looking forward to you finding your groove, and returning to the world that is The Sims – but in the mean time, Congratulations! 😀

  5. Woo babby! I already sent you a congratulations message, but congratulations again because Robin is just THE CUTEST. You guys clearly love the little dude so very much and you’re going to be wonderful parents. ❤

    If anyone gives you crap for not updating while raising a newborn and recovering from ladybits trauma I will hunt them down and smack them. Some things are more important than Sims! You'll figure things out eventually. 😀

  6. Congrats Laura. Robin is a very handsome baby. He is a little you.

  7. Robin is gorgeous! You did good, Laura, real good. Take all the time you need to enjoy the bubby while he’s new. We’ll be here, don’t worry.

    LOL, Sam, good one! We do have to remember that The Sims and RL are separate.

  8. He is absolutely freaking gorgeous. But you know I think that already ❤

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