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Chapter 2.10 – Veggie face



Dorian: “You have a really bony ladygarden, m’am.”
Wow Dorian, what the hell. Don’t you have any manners…oh wait. Sometimes I forget who your family is.
Welcome back to another sporadic update of the Darroch legacy! After rolling wish after wish after wish, they recently decided to splurge some of their dolla dolla bills y’all on their very own Bonehilda. It’s not going to go well for them or her, is it? I’m going to lie down and try not to cry.


Patterns: “Uh, I’m still using this bed.”
Bonehilda: * grunts suggestively *
Patterns: “N-no, I didn’t order any kind of ‘special wakeup’ service.”
Bonehilda: * awkward and creaky hip thrust *


After that little incident Patterns ran screaming to the hills every time he so much as caught a glimpse of The Boneatron and her cobweb infested delicates. They ended up selling her and the family never rolled any wishes to buy another one ever again.
So ends the brief tale of Bonehilda.


Noelle: “Who is that kid?”
Fritz: “Oh my god, are you retarded? That’s our younger brother.”
Noelle: “Hurr, when did that happen?”
It was at this point I realised Noelle had no relationship points whatsoever with Dorian as they have never interacted. Whoops.
His face amuses me. He’s probably right to be weary of his brother and sister. Fritz would probably try to eat him.


Fritz: “Behold! I have become one with my creation! Marvel at my glorious pancake arm. Now, if only my face was a plate of steamed vegetables.”
I don’t even know anymore.
Fritz rolled his lifetime wish. No prizes for guessing that he wants to reach the top of the culinary career.


Mealtimes have become chaotic ever since Fritz aged up. The Darrochs are still getting used to the fact that they don’t have to eat out of a trough anymore and that leftover birthday cake is no longer on the menu. Patterns just ignores everything around him due to being a workaholic.
Laura: “But I need a diet of Dorito’s and birthday cake for mah beeeetus!”
Lily: “I love our new house.”
Connor: “It’s the exact same house you grew up in. I want you to get checked for brain damage.”


Lookie here. Fritz met a lady named Sophie Dwyer at school! Those cooking skills of his should come in handy. Maybe he can make his move whilst she’s in a food induced coma.


Oh wow. That’s awkward.
Patterns: * stares into space * “No touching.”
I get the feeling that Patterns is not ready for his children to start dating.


Sophie: “I’m bored now. Bye.”
Fritz: “Oh. Okay.”
Blunt. I like her.


Woah girl slow the hell down, it’s way past your bedtime and school doesn’t start for another 6 hours! You so cray cray. What are you doing?


I really don’t know what I expected.


Noelle: * dramatic eye roll * “How am I supposed to find time to stick it to the man when he keeps giving me all this homework?!”
Fritz: “I have a gap in my neck and I think my head might fall off.”
Noelle: “Whatever dude. I’m gonna go listen to  ‘The Woo-hoo Pistols’ and be all rebellious and shizz.”
Noelle’s idea of rebellion is repeatedly pulling shower pranks. She has strange ideas about anarchy.


I thought it was about time the kids dragged their butts out of the house and mixed with the locals a little bit. After all, one of them is going to become heir and they may as well start scoping out potential mates.
Of course, Fritz already has Sophie and the two of them spent most of the evening making everyone at the tavern feel uncomfortable as hell.


These creepy-ass twins (at least I think they’re twins) showed up. They look like they stepped straight out of the film set for Children of the Corn.


I sent Dorian to meet the girl, Nora Lawless. They spent the entire evening playing tag whilst her brother watched them from the window. It was creepy and uncomfortable. I’m worried that Dorian may go ‘missing’.


Uh, no. She’s a little old for you Dorian.
I don’t like that expression on her face, either.  I think she’s hungry.


I began notice that Noelle was spending a lot of time talking to Ava Kelly on the phone ever since they met a couple of days ago. She’s older and married, plus I think she’s pregnant.
Somehow I don’t think that will stop Noelle because WOAH REBEL REBEL.


Noelle: “Faceless man wearing a suit sitting at a desk.”
Ava: “Fascinating. Tell me more.”


Hmm. Not too bad, actually. I think she’s a young adult so it’s not as if she’s going to be grey and crinkly anytime soon.


Noelle’s seduction tactics did not seem to work at all on the heavily pregnant and oblivious Ava so she decided to stare at her brother and his girlfriend for a couple of sim hours.
What is it with this place?


Ava: “I’m hungry. Bye.”
Noelle: “No! Wait! If you stay with me I’ll feed you plates of half eaten chicken forever!”


Ava: “Boo! You suck! Chicken sucks! Boooo! Down with chicken!”
Woman whose name I can’t remember: “Ohmygosh is that Noelle?!”
There are a lot of lovely short haired ladies with pointy ears in this town. VULCANS!? : D If only.


The house is drunk.


So the adults in the family all won a free holiday which I was more than happy to ship them off to considering the house is becoming quite chaotic.
Connor: “You told me there would be cucumbers, cab driver. You lied. You will regret lying to Overlord Connor.”
Laura: “I forgot to pack my family sized bag of Doritos! I’m gonna starve!”
Lily: “I hate everything about this trip already.”


Before the dust from the cab had even had a chance to settle, Noelle began arranging a teen party and invited some more of the locals over.
Noelle: “Hey. Morrigan guess what? Green square.”
Morrigan O’Reilly: “I love you.”


Oh, and Dorian had his birthday next to a filthy toilet surrounded by dirty puddles and despair. No birthday cake for you. It would probably taste like poverty anyway.
Nora Lawless also aged up at some point, too.
Nora: “Yeeeah! I love green mould!”


Dorian rolled diva as his fourth trait. I seriously love that trait so much. He also rolled his LTW shortly after and wants to become a martial arts master. So I guess he’ll be travelling a lot.
If the face he’s making is anything to go by it seems he’ll be pulling a multitude of brilliant expressions just like his sister and grandmother. 
Or maybe he’s tricking me, just like Lily. >:{


Mango: “What the hell is this shit? I only eat gourmet food! Burn this vile muck at once, or I will burn you.”
Woah, cool your jets spaz.


I figured Dorian should probably catch up to his siblings and start romancing his possible future girlfriend ASAP.
Fritz: “I’m gonna slam your head into a door, Dorian.”
Yeah, Fritz didn’t seem to be too happy about it and started getting weirdly jealous for no reason…and then things began to escalate incredibly quickly.
But you’ll have to wait until the next chapter to find out what happened because I’m a bitch.
To be continued~

Other news around DragonMcDragonDRAGONS!ville:


Hell yeah! Another cousin is on the way!

Author: janeeyreforce

9 thoughts on “Chapter 2.10 – Veggie face

  1. wow Dorian grew up really cute.

  2. These updates give me life.

  3. Dorian is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the escalation. I can’t handle cliffhangers, I must know!!

    Seriously, I’m in love with this family. They’re crazy and it’s awesome. XD

  4. Hahaha the Woohoo Pistols. I always thought the “woohoo” was a funny word since I do use it in real life and ever since I play the sims I restrain myself from doing it hahaha.
    I love Dorian, its the face he made in the bus. To me, it seemed like he knew something his siblings haven’t figured out yet, and he will get the advantage for it. ^ ^


    Bonehilda! With her hip-thrusting at Patterns I thought she’d fit in perfectly. Too bad they had to get rid of her because Patterns kept peeing himself every time he saw her. =( I did laugh at the pic of him running away and screaming though!

    Mealtime with the Darrochs seems like an unpleasant experience. I’m sure Fritz’s food is awesome, but everything around it….oy.

    Love Patterns crashing Fritz’s date with Sophie! Creepy overprotective father forever! Sophie is very pretty too =)

    The WooHoo Pistols….OMG YES. I love it, and Noelle would totally be into punk haha.

    I also forget to drag my legacy kids out of the house…I need to do that next time I play so my heiress can start hunting for a spouse. The look on the guitar lady’s face while Fritz and Noelle make out in the background is priceless XD I also like how many of the locals are just as bizarre as the Darrochs. They fit in perfectly in Dragon Valley!

    “You told me there would be cucumbers, cab driver. You lied. You will regret lying to Overlord Connor.” < Never get between a man and his cucumbers. Bad things will happen.

    Dorian is a cute teen! I don't have Showtime so no Diva trait, but I read up on it and based on that info he is going to be so much fun! Let's hope he keeps up with the awesome expressions!

    Awesome hilarious chapter!! =D

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