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Chapter 2.1 – Oh, skeleton!


Hello and welcome back to the hideous car wreck that is the Darroch legacy! Last time we saw them, Lily went on a date with her IF-turned-real and was blessed by a unicorn. You can’t make this shit up. She also aged from a teen into a young adult. Also, this blog now has 16 followers and a total of 1700 views. Well, holy balls. You guys have questionable taste but I am flattered that you find this legacy worth following.
Just so you know, I am writing this with the mother of all hangovers. I partied way too hard with my husband and his co-workers, which now that I think about it is actually quite fitting considering this chapter will be documenting Lily Eve’s time at Uni, and what is Uni without booze? Maybe it’ll make me a little more empathetic.

Lily’s room originally looked like a piece of shit, so it was imperative that total redecoration take place immediately upon arrival. All this really entailed was changing the textures of the wall and floor. I’m an interior design genius, I tell you.
Oh yes, Lily is studying Science and Medicine despite the fact that once she graduates all she will be doing is endlessly fishing until her LTW is complete.
Hi, I have no idea how to play The Sims properly and what is logic?

Yeah, you better run Lily. That fairy does not look like she is emotionally stable right now. Those clenched fists and that tense posture indicate that some form of feces is about to go down.
Either that or she’s just stretching.

In a stunning display of social awareness, Lily strikes up a conversation about the wonders of band-aids. Clearly she is going to be on the fast track for making friends and will have a reputation of being totally fascinating and engaging.

Quite interesting what a difference a change of clothes and a haircut can make. This is the same sim Lily was talking to in the previous picture. I don’t really like to go messing with the hair and attire of random sims, but sometimes curiosity gets the better of me. At least that’s my excuse for most things. You know, just like how I was ‘curious’ about Jägerbombs.
So much regret.

This happened.
Do you enjoy nightmares? I don’t, but this game really loves to giving them to me. I keep begging it not to, but it never listens. It’s like a cat repeatedly bringing the corpses of tiny rodents to my door despite my repeated efforts to indicate that I really don’t want that to happen.
Yes. That is exactly what it is like.
I can’t stop staring. They stayed like that for quite some time, too.

As much as she would probably like to, Lily can’t spend her time at Uni cooped up in her room with an anatomy skeleton as her only form of company.
So she heads out to the meet and greet to begin playing foosball.

Wow Lily, you sure know how to live on the edge. What a wild card, I’m sure your dorm buddies can hardly handle how overwhelmingly metal you are. Just look at that fresh laundry folded to perfection. Goddamn.

This is like those really wholesome looking posters you sometimes see advertising college life. Usually, they are lies. But in Lily’s case she is doing a really, really good job of behaving herself and doing everything correctly.
It’s actually kind of frustrating. When it comes to social contact and parties she acts like a startled deer, only without the creepy stick legs.

Using the telescope in the daytime to ensure that nothing interesting or exciting ever happens.
That’s Lily!

Luckily for us, there was a full moon and one of the students completely flipped out in an orange blaze of glory and turned into a werewolf.
However, all he did was amble around awkwardly for a few hours before lumbering off. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really making the most of the supernatural expansion.

Nice face, Lily.
“I dissaprove of the late night antics my fellow students have clearly been indulging in.”
I don’t know, maybe you are just so boring that you cause narcolepsy to develop in anyone within a few feet of you. Except that fellow with the blue hair. Perhaps the dye has formed some kind of protective force field.

Every single time I decide to check on the students living in the basement they are always doing something that makes me question their mental capabilities.
My theory is that the fairy is trying to cause the blonde girl to have an emotional breakdown. Motive: unknown.

All Lily ever wants to do is study and skill build. I give up and just let her get on with it, but decide a change of scenery couldn’t hurt either so I send her down to the local coffee shop where she promptly orders a drink from a flesh coloured land whale, who is also oddly muscular.
Those jeans. Yeesh.

I love that the default birthday cake is just casually on display. I like to imagine sims innocently ordering it and then screaming in horror as they immediately begin aging whilst the barista cruelly laughs at them.

He really is immune!
Of course, not one word was exchanged because Lily has severe allergic reactions when it comes to socialization. The way she avoids it you’d think she’s worried about spontaneous combustion or something.

She avoided the birthday cake. Clever girl. What she lacks in social awareness she makes up for in survival skills.

Better check on the basement dwellers. I wonder what-
Never mind.

UGH. LILY. You will literally be doing that for the rest of your life when you get back home. Live a little! Do something crazy! Preferably something that doesn’t involve fishing rods.

Apparently being naked means you have to wear a wig. Hidden identity and all that.

Oookay. So maybe that wasn’t such a good idea after all. Our heir is clearly a little fragile and skinny dipping has apparently temporarily tipped her over the edge. Her neurotic trait is starting to rear its head. I wonder if she has a hidden never-nude trait mixed in there, too?

“Oh skeleton, you so crazy!”
This is the only friend Lily has at Uni.

In an attempt to force Lily to interact with actual talky people with skin I sent her down to the basement in a ‘baptism by fire’ approach.
She immediately dared the fairy lady to eat a spoonful of cinnamon. Good one, Lily. On the plus side she managed to buy some cheat sheets for the upcoming exam.
I am now curious as to whether eating a spoonful of cinnamon would really be that bad. I have some in the kitchen and now I feel it is taunting me.

Lily, you are supposed to be in an exam. Lily, get off the grass you are drunk.

Not only was she late for the exam, but about half way through it she got caught with the cheat sheets and was promptly kicked out.
As you can see, she couldn’t give less of a fuck and promptly began playing frisbee with her new fairy friend.
I’m so glad her priorities are in the right place.

The tormented blonde girl was abducted!

Poor basement dweller. She probably thought she’d escaped the clutches of her insane roommate, only to be rejected and dropped back off at the sorority after only a few hours of mad alien lovin’.

Keep your cucumber in your pants, buddy. She’s taken and there is only so much room for green phallic objects in the Darroch household.
I actually followed him for a while. He cycled all the way to the beach before completely vanishing into thin air.

Yup, she failed. But what did you really expect? It doesn’t really matter all that much anyway, she is going to be spending the rest of her life fishing in her parent’s back garden anyhow.
Unrelated, but I hope at least one of her future children inherits her freckles.

Best. Face. Ever.
Oh Lily, how can I stay mad at you?

Lily was so homesick that she took on the identity of her younger brother and temporarily became an energy drink fueled jock. She did nothing except shout at her dorm mates and force them onto the running machine.

There was also a house fire. I think the fire department is terrible, because by the time they arrived the fire had already been dealt with despite the fact that the majority of the dorm inhabitants were running around like headless chickens.

So ends the chapter. I’m not sure if she’s sad about leaving her new friend, disappointed in her test scores or simply dreading heading back to a cucumber obsessed, Dorito dust coated household.
Buuuut, she does have Patterns waiting for her! So, next chapter we will get to see where that leads, and hopefully get on with the baby makin’.
Thanks for reading!


Author: janeeyreforce

13 thoughts on “Chapter 2.1 – Oh, skeleton!

  1. “I love that the default birthday cake is just casually on display. I like to imagine sims innocently ordering it and then screaming in horror as they immediately begin aging whilst the barista cruelly laughs at them.”

    Perhaps it is his way of reminding them they are now adults and should act like them? Nah, I think your idea is better!

  2. Hahahahahaha, the basement antics!!! This was a lot of fun, I cannot understand why my sim didn’t have this much fun in University but I shall go back and try once more… when my game stops being mean to me lol.

    • Honestly her time there was quite boring. I just used the screenshots that made it look more interesting than it was. But the basement dwelling students were probably my favourite part of the whole thing.

  3. haha this keeps getting better and better.

  4. I love the awesome faces you always catch them making! I barely ever catch my sims makin them. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on them. I love this legacy! The family and the way you write it are so good!

    • The trick is to stalk them incessantly and pause a lot whenever you catch them doing some kind of interesting or unusual activity. That seems to be when they make the best faces, at least that’s what I’ve found so far.

      Thank you! ❤

  5. Doo de doo more catch-up commenting!

    I just noticed you put me in your sidebar of Sims blogs! Ahh! I’m so flattered, thank you! 🙂

    “Those clenched fists and that tense posture indicate that some form of feces is about to go down.” is an excellent sentence that cracked me up.

    I’ve made Lily’s disapproval of antics face many times in class, though I’m usually disapproving about what my classmates are saying as opposed to how much beer they drank last night. (We drink a lot in my program, so I sympathize with your hangover.)

    “I love that the default birthday cake is just casually on display. I like to imagine sims innocently ordering it and then screaming in horror as they immediately begin aging whilst the barista cruelly laughs at them.” – another sentence that made me lol

    Oh poor boring Lily. I’m glad she at least got to make friends with the fairy! I have a feeling she should never meet Dean or Bennie because it will just be a pit of boring conversation and avoiding socialization.

    • Well, your legacy is awesome and deserves to be promoted~!

      I seldom drink and I often joke that I’m a cheap date because it doesn’t take much to get me drunk. However, I did rather overdo it the night before I wrote this chapter. Yeesh. The next morning was not so good.

      I’m glad this chapter made you laugh. 😀

      Oh gosh. Can you imagine? It would be the most awkward meet-up ever.

  6. lol reminds me of my own college days! Everyone else was out getting wasted, and I was hiding in my room studying. 😛

    Lily is so gorgeous. I can’t get over how fantastic her face is. XD

  7. I love Lilly. I love reading about her adventures at University

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