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Chapter 1.2 – Glitchin’ and dancin’


Last time we saw our founder she was about to give birth on her filthy kitchen floor. Luckily, the baby was not mistaken for a pile of well presented breakfast waffles. Connor and Laura decided to name their new womb spawn Lily Eve. She was born with the angler and brave traits and somehow developed a love for french music whilst in the womb. Lily loves grilled cheese due to her mother not having the slightest idea how to appropriately care for a baby. She also seems to have a fondness for the colour grey and is a Pisces.

Connor seems a little nervous about holding Lily, but with some trepidation he eventually comes around to accepting the responsibility of fatherhood. He kind of has to, unless he wants to live in a house where screaming at trash cans is considered an acceptable form of recreation.


However, the majority of his time is spent practicing various scientific experiments and occasional gardening. Therefore, Connor scoured the internet and newspaper until he found a job as a Test Subject, bringing him one step closer to achieving his lifetime wish of becoming a Creature-Robot Crossbreeder.


Soon enough, Lily Eve’s birthday rolls around. Laura and Connor decide to invite a strange ensemble of guests into their small home. Immediately, my laptop begins to heave and groan mechanically before eventually lapsing into an almost embarrassed silence. I let it wallow in shame for a while before continuing to play only to find that one of the guests, an Indiana Jones lookalike, seems pretty enamored with the grilled cheese sandwiches.


So deliriously in love that in his euphoric state he becomes free of the social restraints of birthday parties and decides to turn his back on the whole affair, instead deciding to celebrate the life of Oven.


Yup. I became so distracted by his behavior that I forgot to snap a shot of Lily’s sparkly descent into toddlerhood. So instead you get a picture of Indiana Jones expressing his love for grilled cheese via the medium of dance.


One of the guests spent her entire visit admiring herself in the bathroom mirror whilst everybody else placed empty plates behind her, as the bathroom currently contains the only sink the house. Our founder isn’t always the best judge of character.


Lily Eve grew up into a fairly cute toddler, mainly taking after her father in the looks department. She seemed to be fascinated by the strange toy given to her by a distant relative who we will assume was related to Laura, given that Patterns the doll arrived covered in a fine layer of cheese scented orange dust.


Connor is keen to share his knowledge with Lily, and I suspect he is hoping she will become a fellow scientist.

So far Lily Eve has only show interest in socializing with her doll and occasionally Mango (who is now an adult). She mainly communicates using grunting, screaming and flailing. Like mother like daughter.

Oh look! A rare Kodak moment!

…Laura has a habit of ruining anything remotely heartwarming.


Laura recently discovered a love for gardening and glitching the hell out.
Despite what this picture may have you believe, she hasn’t decided to become a firefighter. For some reason she seems to be fairly popular and was invited to a fancy dress party, during which she used the bathroom and then left immediately. She has questionable ideas when it comes to gifts.

I clicked over to Connor in order to check up on him and found out he’d headed down to the local karaoke bar in order to awkwardly dance and stare into oblivion for a few hours. This guy knows how to have a good time!

It came to my attention that he has rather lovely eyes under his glasses, so off they come FOREVER. All the better for staring.

I really love how attentive Connor is. He’s constantly picking Lily up and cuddling her, and all his wishes recently have revolved around teaching her to walk and talk. Laura on the other hand has a slightly more distant approach. I always think it’s interesting how each sim seems to have their own unique personality even if they have similar traits.


However, Connor still has a habit of zoning out and staring into space. But ignore the questionable parenting and look at how cute Lily is! Aw!

Whilst Connor is outside staring through time and space, Laura is working on the final chapter of her first novel. She bashes the keyboard like an angry neanderthal and her work accurately reflects that. Yet somehow ‘fdfy7;;;2rrggjdo’ still gets published, complete with royalty checks for Laura.

Laura takes a brief break from writing and begins working on a portrait of her husband. She’s improved a lot since her earlier attempts and finally moved beyond stick figures and canvas stabbing. However, she can’t help but no longer feel inspired by her surroundings and decides it’s time for a change…


Laura decides that before Lily Eve gets any older they should take the chance to move somewhere a little more idyllic and quieter. So, they uproot themselves and travel to the nostalgic Winchester Farming Community and choose a plot of land close to this adorable red barn.

The plot they settled on also happens to have a great spot close by for when Lily is old enough to begin fishing.

This is the road leading towards their new home.

Again, seen from a different angle.

It came to my realisation that I had yet to share any photos of the actual legacy house. Well, before this I can assure you that you didn’t miss much. It was basically a small box with two other boxes attached complete with the cheapest possible wallpaper and flooring.
Anyway, now it is one long rectangle. I do think it has a certain charm, though. Connor has been whizzing up the career ladder so they could afford something that wasn’t totally hideous.

Laura was recently fired from her job as a paper girl when they discovered she hadn’t actually been delivering any papers, and had in fact just been dumping her workload into the ocean. Therefore she never got that job transfer when she moved.
She decides that her next step should be to register as a self-employed writer, so she heads into City Hall to sign the paperwork.

Paperwork signed and self-employment granted, she exits the building with the utmost poise, grace and pride whilst gurning uncontrollably.

“No one saw that, right?”
Laura reminds me of a cat sometimes. You know on those rare occasions (though common for Laura) where they will do something really clumsy and stupid, but try to play it off as if it was done on purpose?

Now that she can spend more time at home the family no longer require a babysitter. Laura takes this as an opportunity to begin a more hands on approach to mothering, though so far it seems as if she is undoing all of Connor’s hard work.

Being able to spend more time with her daughter made Laura broody all over again. If she gets twins I am going to scream because I am terrible at this and have trouble keeping track of 3 sims, let alone 5. * hyperventilates *
I hope she’ll be able to handle raising a toddler and being pregnant at the same time…ugh.
End of Chapter 1.2

Author: janeeyreforce

11 thoughts on “Chapter 1.2 – Glitchin’ and dancin’

  1. This legacy is hilarious!! Can’t wait to see more

  2. I know what you mean about twins. Ha!
    I used to get tired of the whole baby thing, so I would just adopt a child. But then it was never fun to see a child that didn’t have my sims genes. I gave up on the idea, and continue to get frustrated with babies… Ill just have the oldest child be the babysitter!! Haha.

  3. You think twins would be bad? I had triplets. THREE SETS OF TRIPLETS… I guess i didn’t think that would happen with risky woohoo every time…d’oh!

  4. The line about her peeing and leaving a party and then having strange ideas about party gifts made me giggle. Nice legacy so far!

  5. LOL Laura. Some of the things she does makes me shake my head, all while laughing of course. 🙂

  6. PMSL, Indiana Jones celebrating the life of Oven. Brilliant.

    Lily Eve is a cutie, I love that headband.

    The exploits of Laura trying to parent is very funny, since I love sims babies and toddlers. They’re way cooler than children.

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